Our work is dedicated to the prosperity of your facility. Our team constantly works with the entire industry, vendors and distributors alike to get you lower pricing.

Veira Medical Group is a group purchasing organization for the healthcare industry. We are committed to getting the largest discounts for our members. We do that by pooling together all of our members’ buying power and use it to negotiate large discounts for them. The program we offer is backed by vast buying power. Practically no other program has more buying power or offers a higher discount. Discounts are available to all of our members and we provide free membership with no annual fees.

Our main goal is to help all practices and facilities with their everyday costs. We strongly believe in “what you see is what you get,” meaning we tell you what your discount is and that is it. If you choose to buy supplies from our suppliers, you will receive that exact discount with no hidden costs or fees. We are here to help you run your facility more cost efficiently and make the process of ordering and receiving your medical and dental supplies easier.

We are all about customer service and your satisfaction. Our team’s experience is built from multiple industries, of which leads to unmatched service and knowledge. Veira’s core team consists of highly skilled and experienced negotiators whose main goal is to get the best discounts possible, without sacrificing quality in the products.

Team Member Spotlight

Donato Santangelo, Team Service Manager

Donato has been a part of Veira from day 1. He has been praised by Veira members for his amazing customer service and ability to listen to Veira members and reduce their expenses. He is a valued member of the Veira team who specializes across all facility specialties and has full knowledge across the Veira contract portfolio. 

Our Services

Customer and business relationships come first. Veira is dedicated to providing the best service with everyone we do business with. We believe in having great business and customer relationships. Our members have so much available to them because of the relationships we created, which also shows in the prices available to each member.

  • Outstanding Customer Service

  • Proven Business Relationships

  • Dedicated Veira staff

  • Experienced negotiators

  • Knowledge

  • Experience

  • Proven Results

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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