Free membership.

simple process.

How It Works

We negotiate discounts for you on products and services you already buy. Most of the products and services that are already negotiated are large brand names of the companies you know and trust. All discounts are already negotiated before you buy, so once you become a Veira member you can start ordering medical supplies, services, medical equipment and office supplies immediately.

When you become a member of Veira Medical Group, you will be entitled to all of the highest discounts we have received from our vendors and supplies. You can easily log onto one of our partner’s web sites and order everything you need online (medical supplies, services, medical equipment and office supplies). You will instantly receive the current discount level that Veira members are receiving from that supplier. Next, the items you ordered will be shipped directly to you. It is that simple.

How Much Does It Cost?

Nothing. There is no annual fee, no sign-up fee, no obligation to buy from our suppliers and no termination fee. That’s freedom.


Becoming a Veira Medical Group member is extremely easy. You simply contact us and we will gladly guide you through the simple process. There is no obligation, sign-up fee or annual fee.


Most of the vendors and distributors we have contracts with have different tiers for different discount levels. The higher the tier, the higher the discount. Different vendors and distributors have different qualifications for a higher tiers, such as a minimum annual spend or a percentage loyalty commitment.


Over 2 million products covered, from wound care to surgical instruments.


Discounts on top manufacturers, from Merck to Pfizer to GSK.


Drastically cut your laboratory expenses.


Cut your other expenses outside of medical, from office supplies to hazardous waste disposal and facility management.

Call the shots

Veira is a no pressure and no obligation GPO. All decisions are made by you and your facility. You pick the distributor and the vendors you wish to buy from with no membership fees. You can’t get much better than that.

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