Alternative Care

Alternate care providers can realize major spend leverage like large health systems to reduce costs.



Alternate care providers can get the same pricing as large hospitals with the Veira program. That is because the contracts Veira offers are simple, yet extremely effective in lowering the prices of Veira members. No matter the size of your practice, Veira can show you savings.

Veira has contracts for outpatient medical centers and surgery centers, imaging and diagnostic centers, diagnostics and medical laboratories, home healthcare service providers, orthopedic care, long-term care, oncology care and physician practices. The program offers a broad scope of contracts to cover as many of your expenses as possibles, with the nations top vendors. Many of the contracts offer price protection there are no surprises. With price protection, your facility can ensure accurate pricing.



Alternative Care Top 10 Categories 

  • Needles & syringes

  • Gloves

  • Point-of-care testing reagents and supplies

  • Electromedical

  • Parenteral products

  • Adhesives, bandages, dressings and sponges

  • Wound sutures

  • Woven and nonwoven goods

  • Surgical instuments and devices

  • Metals/plastics/paper products

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